Microsoft Sharepoint Interview Questions and Answers


The SharePoint Developer Job Market is a very competitive Job Market mainly because Sharepoint jobs are well rewarded. SharePoint is one of the fastest growing products in Microsoft history.


With hundreds of thousands of licenses being sold, organizations across the country are excited to implement and customize Microsoft SharePoint 2007 to help grow their businesses.


According to a recent survey at Simply, the percentage increase for SharePoint 2007 developers is in the thousands and growing. The problem is that there are not enough SharePoint developers to fill this need. There is a SharePoint Developer skills gap. How will you capitalize on this? We are hearing from our clients, on a daily basis, that they are seeking SharePoint developers. They can't hire them fast enough.


If you are a .NET developer, now is the time for you to be positioning yourself as a SharePoint 2007 developer to capitalize on this incredible momentum in the marketplace.Learn SharePoint 2007 and revise the interview questions for SharePoint developer available at